One of the requirements for the entire individual is to maintain personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is the most effective ways to protect ourselves from illness. And may help us avoid catching infections.

In Middle East societies, bikini waxing or pubic hair removal has been considered one of their proper hygiene. In Islam this is called as Fitrah. It is one of the customs for many centuries. Waxing is a treatment wherein unwanted pubic hair is removed from the bikini line by putting hot wax and when it hardens sufficiently, it will be peeled off to remove the hair. But it was sorted with some discomfort procedure.

  1. Basic Bikini Wax – This type of Bikini wax is also known as basic bikini wax, bikini line or triangle. For it involvesgenerally waxed hair removal from the side to shape or form a triangle. Thus, the pubic hair cannot be seen while wearing swimwear. Undergarment worn by the client is put in and enclosed with paper towel. Basic Bikini Wax
  1. French Bikini Wax – this type of bikini wax takes all or most of the front public hair or leaving a small slip and the middle hair but leaves the back pubic hair. This is similar to the Brazilian wax style, but the Brazilian also removed the hair at the back. French Bikini wax is just more than removingthe hair outside the undergarment line.                                                                                                                                                                         French Bikini Wax
  1. Brazilian Wax – When you chose the Brazilian wax, it is a type of waxing that completely removes all the hair in the pelvic part or area, back and front but sometimes leaving a thin strip hair on the Mons  It is may used by those women who wear thong bikinis. It is also known as Full bikini wax, Full Brazilian wax and Hollywood wax. It is the most controversial type of waxing and it is physically painful before and after the procedure. There is also a health risk if done improperly it may cause infection in a person with a weakened immune system                                                                                                                                                          Brazilian Wax
  1. The Landing Strip – Pubic hair may have several basic styles. Like the Landing strip style, it is involved shortening of pubic hair it was trimmed or cut, inner thighs may be shaved. Some womentrimmed, but remain some hair on labia while to get rid away of the pubic hair on the Mons.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The Landing Strip  
  1. Full Bikini Wax – It is one of the major types of bikini wax. It is also known as European bikini wax. Full bikini wax removed pubic hair except for a little part on the Mons                                                                                                                                                                               Full Bikini Wax
  2. Hollywood wax –  this type of waxing is also known as Sphinx. It removes completely all of the hair from the front as well as to back. Thus, you are basically bald after the procedure.                                                                                                                                                Hollywood wax
  3. Extended Bikini – In this type of wax the hair is removed outside the undergarment and some inside the panty or undergarment line. It is about half way between undergarment line and the Brazilian wax.                                                                                                             Extended Bikini
  1. The Valentine –  It was a type of bikini wasstyled. Where the heart is shaping of the main pubic hair bunch into a heart symbol or style and may be dyed with a color pink. This is a popular style of Valentine’s Day, presented to be an erotic surprise for a sexual partner.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The Valentine
  1. Triangle Waxing – Type of waxing style wherethe hair is removed about two fingers in from undergarment line and the hair is removed also from the top of the bikini area, leaving a small neat triangle of hair.                                                                                                   Triangle Waxing

It is necessary to find an expert technician for any waxing style, even with the most crucial special service. For it should be done properly to avoid any infections. And bear in mind that you’re not locked with any one style because it has a name. Ask the technician about what type of bikini wax you want to keep and remove to your own preference. Designs can make your bikini style more sophisticated and capture your exceptional or unique personality.


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