Different Types of Cars

Different Types of Cars

Cars are four-wheeled vehicles powered by an engine. Basic transportation is the purpose of cars. Two main types of cars are automatic and manual cars. Cars are designed differently to suit the needs of the user. It differs in size, style, capacity and other features. One basic type of car is a hatchback. Hatchback cars are widely used and also affordable. Its unique feature is a rear door that opens upward designed for easy cargo loading. There are more types of car available on the market today.

Economy Cars
Economy Car is a type of car that is low-priced and affordable. Its maintenance is low-cost. The design of economy cars is commonly small and lightweight. One type of economy car is the microcar. The microcar is a two passenger seated type of vehicle. It contains engines under 1.0 liters. Economy cars suit people who are practical. There are a lot of known brands of economy cars. Some of them are Ford, Hyundai and Toyota.


Family Car
Family Cars are types of cars suited for a whole family. It is a small-medium sized car that contains an average tank capacity. Compact cars and mid-size car are two main types of family car. A Compact car’s typical size is between 4.30m to 4.70m. Ford Focus is one of the famous brands of compact cars. Mid-size cars are 4.80m in length. Honda and Mazda are known brands for mid-size cars.



Saloons or Sedans are cars with two or three-box configurations namely the engine, passenger and cargo. Separate compartments articulate these configurations sufficiently. Sedans could accommodate four to five passengers. Aside from that, its engine is more powerful than family cars. There are different types of sedan cars. It includes mid-size sedan, full-size sedan, crossover and minivans. The mid-size sedan contains a large trunk. Full-size sedans are usually 4.90m long. Crossovers are sedans that have light off-road capability feature. Minivan is an eight-passenger sedan. It provides easy access for the elderly and disabled persons.


Luxury Cars

A luxury car is a type of car that delivers luxury. Its features are desirable. The striking built of luxury cars is because of its high-quality gear, explicit construction and intricate design. It is advanced and extremely innovative. It provides superb performance and extreme comfort. Luxury cars depict a person’s status and prestige. There are four main types of luxury vehicles. They are the compact executive cars, the executive cars, grand saloons and estate cars. The compact executive car is the luxurious version of the mid-size car. The executive car is the luxurious version of the full-size car. Grand saloons are luxury cars with premium and powerful engines. The estate car is a type of luxury car that has a flexible configuration on the interior. Audi, Lexus, Jaguar and BMW are some of the established brands of luxury cars.


Sports Cars

A sports car is a type of automobile designed with swift performance, graceful maneuver and light weight. Sports cars are typically two seated cars with lowered appearance. Sports cars suit speed racing. Its steering control has a precise function at high speeds. Sports cars have a front-engine layout. Hot hatch, sports sedan, supercar, muscle cars, pony cars and convertible are popular types of sports cars. The hot hatch is hatchback sports car with improved performance. Sports Sedans are saloons with better quality performance. Supercars are an exotic type of sports car. It is superior and top of the line. Muscle cars are sports cars with powerful eight-cylinder engines. Pony car is a classy type of sports car. It is a stylish compact car with sporty image and performance. Convertible are sports cars with a flexible roof feature. Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge, Ferrari and Volvo are some well-known brands of sports cars.



Off-Roader is a 4×4 or 4WD type of car. Off-roader cars provide multiple gear ranges. Off-roader is a two-axled vehicle that could power four wheels. Off-roader fits in any extents of vehicle platforms. Sports Utility Vehicle is the only type of off-roaders. SUVs are four-wheel drives with off-road capabilities. SUVs are usually in a box type design. It also has a high ground clearance. Land Rovers, Toyota FJ Cruiser and Mitsubishi Pajero are common brands of SUVs.


Commercial Vans

Commercial Vans function for transporting cargos and passengers. It has a capacity of up to 9 persons. Commercial vans have standard fuel tanks which are very practical. Typically, vans are derived from SUVs. It has a large interior space. Vans that are under a company name, used for business under a single proprietor, leased under financial institution or exceed a certain weight are considered commercial vans. One common type of commercial van is a conversion van. Conversion vans are the luxurious type of commercial van. Exaggerated features include extra comfortable seats and built-in electronic appliances such as television sets. Ford and Dodge Ram are some common brands of vans.

Commercial Vans


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