Different Types of Makeup

Different Types of Makeup             There are a lot of reasons why people, especially women, wear makeup on their everyday lives. They use it to hide the ‘flaws’ on ... Continue Reading →

Different types of Deodorant

Different types of Deodorant   Deodorant in general is a product designed only to control odor due to sweats in the underarm. Various types of deodorant are also antiperspirants, or ... Continue Reading →

Different types of Dental Implants

Different types of Dental Implants The dental implant, prosthetic device or alloplastic material that is usually made of titanium, is a safe and proven successful alternative for the ... Continue Reading →

Different Types of Braid

Different types of braid Introduction Braided hair is hair that has been woven jointly in a way that pulls the hair away from the face. The style is regularly worn by women in Western ... Continue Reading →
Different Types of Curls

Different Types of Curls

Different Types of Curls Curl is one of the many styles of hair in women. Curls give hair a spiral shape look. Women have curls naturally or artificially. Women can curl their hair ... Continue Reading →
beards different types

Different Types of Beard

Beard Beard is the collective growth of hair occurring in a man’s lower face particularly on the chin and lower cheeks.  Only adult men and some pubescent men can grow beards. Beards ... Continue Reading →