Different types of Demons

Different types of Demons  Alp An alp is a nightmare being originating in German folklore. Not to be bewildered with the similarly named Alp-luachra, the alp is sometimes likened ... Continue Reading →

Different types of Democracy

Different types of Democracy   Direct democracy Direct democracy places all power in the hands of the individual. When political decisions have to be made, all members of a polity ... Continue Reading →

Different types of Déjà vu

Different types of Déjà vu Déjà vu is the sense of having seen something before, and a feeling of familiarity whereas déjà vécu is the experience of having seen an event before, ... Continue Reading →


DIFFERENT TYPES OF DISCRIMINATION As a human being, we all have the so called Human Rights, anywhere in the world we should exercise our human rights such as rights in education, Right ... Continue Reading →
Depression different types

Different Types of Depression

Different Types of Depression Depression is a mood wherein a person constantly feels down and withdrawal of any activities affecting a person’s thoughts, feelings and behavior. ... Continue Reading →