Different Types of Extraction

Extraction is the process of separation whereby one substance is gotten out of a mixture. It is a chemical process and takes place in a series of steps with accordance to the extracts ... Continue Reading →

Different Types of Dump Trucks

DumpTruck is a vehicle which is used at the construction sites so as to transport the construction materaisl to the site. Old type of semi trucks where separated manually and now the ... Continue Reading →

Different Types of Educational Research

Education serves as a primary foundation of gaining knowledge. It is important in that without it a person may act like a cave man with no idea on things and stuff surrounding him. ... Continue Reading →

Different Types of Motorcycles

Different Types of Motorcycles Adventure Adventure Bikes allow the driver to sit in an upright position; this is because of the long range of travel that it has equipped with it. It ... Continue Reading →

Different Types of Forces

Different Types of Forces             One of the most important concepts in Physics, force is anything that causes an object motion or change of its velocity. Force can be ... Continue Reading →

Different Types of Engineering

Different Types of Engineering Engineering is a term that refers to a wide range of field of study that covers a lot applications, industries, and specialization. It combines science, ... Continue Reading →

Different Types of Computers

Different Types of Computers In Layman’s Terms Here, we will enumerate and describe the different types of computers, in terms that will be understood by everyone. No geek talk. No ... Continue Reading →

Different Types of Communication

Different Types of Communication There are many ways to communicate with every person. From a simple gesture to a web page ad, we communicate our thoughts to others, consciously or ... Continue Reading →

Different Types of Cinema Theaters

Different Types of Cinema Theaters What are multiplex theaters? Is that where they do karaoke? A drive-in? Is that the place where you buy food on the go? Maybe a drive-by? What is ... Continue Reading →

Different Types of Ceramics

Different Types of Ceramics Around the World There are more varieties of ceramics than just the clay type. Some ceramics are made of glass and metallic oxides. How are you supposed ... Continue Reading →