Different types of Deodorant

Different types of Deodorant


Deodorant in general is a product designed only to control odor due to sweats in the underarm. Various types of deodorant are also antiperspirants, or can be labeled as both antiperspirant which prevents the process of perspiration and deodorant is to freshen the body smell. Deodorants are frequently alcohol-based. Alcohol initially stimulates sweating, but may also momentarily kills bacteria.  This is an essential dissimilarity for the reason that a deodorant alone will generally not stop someone from sweating. In fact, fresh sweat is absolutely unscented. The bed smell starts usually due to it has been on the skin for some time and your skin bacteria develop. Since bacteria succeed in the moist areas of skin such as, underarms, these part are in demanding for requiring of deodorant protection. If you’re looking for a sweat-preventing, long-lasting and lastly, fresh-smelling deodorant, then here are the types of deodorants that you may help you to choose:

Solid Stick


It is a type of deodorant in a creamy bar appearance. As the name implies, the deodorant is in it solid state; however, the formulation of deodorants is such that; they melt and soften easily while rubbing on the skin. The problem with some solid deodorant is that, on occasion, they can melt and seep out or leak because of climate change or atmospheric change and while travelling in a plane. It is also white and powdery and they go on dry weather. Example of this are the Sure Original Solid Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant and the Mitchum Smart Solid Clinical Performance



this type of deodorants are a thick liquid when used, but typically dry clear. They are very good at maintaining the body odor It is usually are sticky and gross. Example of this are gillette clear gel, and secret clear gel



this type of deodorant is normally liquid deodorant, with its ball tip on the top of the bottle it is easily to used and applied. Roll-on deodorants are known to be good for very cold places, as many solid deodorants become hard in cold places. Other than that, one common problems with roll-on deodorant is that; most of them leave behind deposits. And, like solid, roll-on’s can also seep out as soon as there are atmospheric changes. Example of this are Ban Roll-On Fresh Cotton Deodorant and Nivea for Men Fresh Active Deodorant Antiperspirant Roll-on



it is a mixture of different chemicals developed to be used to the underarm or other parts of the body to take away and possibly prevent body odor caused by perspiration. A deodorant performs by trying to destroy or inhibit the bacteria that grow inside the sweat that is excreted in our body. One of the problems that some people may encounter when applying a liquid deodorant is a sensitivity or allergy to some of the ingredients. The liquid can be an irritant that may cause swelling or rashes wherever it is applied on our skin. An aspect of most liquid deodorant is added to produce the fragrances to their ingredients.



it is a type of deodorant cream utilizes more easy to use and it is available in superfine powders, clays, and lavender, peppermint and tea tree essential oils to absorb moisture, inhibit bacteria, and guarantee a long-lasting and highly efficient experience. The frosting-like consistency ensures natural manual application and fast absorption.



it best used when you don’t want your underarm wets and it is an embarrassing problem of most user of deodorants, to use a wet deodorant because it usually shows off in the clothes. Additional to this, it is easy to use and ready to go after applying this powder deodorant.



this type of deodorants tends to dry quicker underarm than other deodorants nowadays. After spraying each it for a couple of seconds, you can usually flap your wings a few times and you’re ready to go. You may use it privately to avoid upsetting others from your smell during application. Spray deodorants are not antiperspirants, therefore they will not prevent you from sweating, but they usually are made with essential oils that help mask unpleasant odors. Appropriately applying spray deodorant is the most significant part of using it.

Invisible Solid


It is usually used type of deodorant goes on dry and is typically solid white deodorant. It is also glides on easily and will not leave a burning or tingling sensation or a residue on your skin or clothes.



this type of deodorant is most likely the most new form of a deodorant. This deodorant mainly consists of mineral rocks. even though, many company claims crystal deodorant to be aluminum-free, however they do contain an aluminum, in the appearance of Alum. The performance of any crystal deodorant is more than fulfilling, and the price is also very cheap than other types of deodorants. Apart from this, this deodorant can easily last for more than a year. Examples of this are Crystal Body Deodorant Stick and Thai Deodorant Stone Crystal.

Deodorant Wipes


are separately packed wipes that are good for single use only and are not reusable. They are ideal during long trips or for keeping on hand for those days as you forget to apply your usual deodorant. Because they are singly wrapped they can be shared with others. You can avail this deodorant wipes at nearest drug store or online.

Scented or Unscented


Whether you choose a scented or an unscented deodorant, it’s up to you, on what do you prefer. But if you already use perfume or cologne, it might be best to pick an unscented deodorant so that you may prevent in opposing scents or scents that don’t work fit together. Or if you don’t use perfume, you may use the deodorant itself. There are also hypoallergenic deodorants that do not have any fragrance either, because some people are also very sensitive to the oils used to produce the scent.


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