Different Types of Eggplants

Eggplant called by other name aubergines or brinjal are of different types both in shape and color. Their taste also varies with the most popular one called the modern cultivar boasting a mild flavor with no bitterness. The standard varieties globally are the black skinned, dark purple and pear-shaped varieties. These veggies are easy to cook, full of nutrients and can be advantageous to your health. That being said here are the different types of these veggies.

Japanese eggplant

As part of the nightshade family, this eggplant has a shared ancestry with peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes. It is botanically categorized as Solanum melongena.The name is a Western given name to dozens of its varieties both the hybrid and heirloom. It is a long and slender eggplant with purple, black hue glossy skin thin enough to make it not require peeling before use.

Chinese eggplant

The secret to making an ideal Chinese eggplant involves two things. First, you’ll need to prepare it properly before cooking so as to get the right texture. Secondly, you’ll need to make a flavored sauce. You can make this eggplant by adding one tablespoon of cooking oil together with ginger, green onion garlic, and red pepper and stir them until they become fragrant. After that, you’ll need to mix them with eggplant and stir for about one minute.

Graffiti eggplant

This eggplant is a name given to different eggplants within the Solanum melongena species. The species is part of the nightshade family. Its other name includes shooting star, Listada De Gandia, Purple rain, and the Pandora stripe rose. Its pleasant flavor together with bright color and shape distinguishes it. The eggplant is teardrop in shape with vivid strip violet exterior skin coloring. When it is cooked, its creamy flesh can become rich and fruity with a soft quality.

Bianca eggplant

Bianca eggplant is a delicious and trouble free eggplant that grows well and produces lots of good sized fruits. The eggplant is an excellent producer of vast and round fruits measuring about five to six inches long. Their robust shape makes them easy for peeling and cooking in any recipe. The plants can grow twenty-four to thirty-six inches tall within ninety days.

Tango eggplant

The organic tango is a high producer of white eggplant. The plant is healthy enough for it can bear beautiful seven by two inches white fruit. This excellent veggie variety is suitable for pickling and grilling.

Santana eggplant

The Santana eggplant is a hybrid type of eggplant which is tall and has fewer spine veggies. This eggplant has an elongated oval shape and measures about four by nine inches. This plant takes about eighty days before it starts producing fruits. The Early plant can produce a high yield of six to eight inches long purple and black eggplants. It is a tender and favorable eggplant ideal for frying, pickling grilling, stuffing, and baking. This veggie can do well in hot weather condition for it is heat tolerant without fading problem of the fruit. The eggplant is a good choice for an open field production, home gardening, and market growing. Its planting season is during the spring period and would need full sunlight requirement.

Indian eggplant

It is a traditional northern Indian meal made with tomato and eggplant. The meal is then seasoned with turmeric garlic, cumin, and ginger and then served with naan and fresh roti.To prepare it you’ll require two tables spoon of vegetable oil, half teaspoon of cumin seeds, one medium sized of sliced onion, one chopped teaspoon of fresh ginger and one large tomato that is seeded, peeled and diced. Finally one clove of minced garlic.

Sicilian eggplant

To make Sicilian eggplant, you’ll need to add tomatoes and crappers and increase their heat to medium and start cooking by stirring it occasionally. You’ll have to stir it for about five minutes until when the tomatoes start breaking up from where you’ll have to transfer everything to a large enough bowl. When in a bowel try and rinse under running water so as to get rid of the salt as much a possible.

White varieties eggplant

White variety eggplant is botanically called Solanum Melogena and is scientifically known as a perennial fruit though it is grown agriculture as a seasonal vegetable. All eggplants are of the solanaceous family along with peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes. This eggplant can curve like a bell and is characteristically smaller than its purple counterpart. The range of harvest of this eggplant can be anywhere between three to six inches in length. Often they can be collected when extremely young in which case they can be called as baby white eggplant. They have fruity and mild flavor, and when cooked they can develop a warm, mellow flavor.

American eggplant

The American eggplant is an eggplant diced and cooked in small amount of oil till it becomes lightly brown and transparent. Onion, green pepper, olive, and salt are added, and half of the eggplant mixture is placed in a buttered two-quarter casserole then covered with a half of grated cheese. The remaining eggplant mixture is covered with cheese then a tomato sauce is poured over the top. Mixed crumble bread with butter are sprinkled on the top then baked at a temperature of three hundred and seventy-five degrees for fifty minutes. This will enable it to yield six to eight servings.

Thai eggplant

Thai eggplant is the name given to numerous varieties of eggplants used in southeast cuisines.Solanum melongena species is the most used eggplant in this area. This eggplant is also cultivated in Sri Lanka, and features in Sri Lankan cuisine for it is commonly utilized in Thai cuisines. Its green and white varieties are essential ingredients in Thai curry dish like the red curry. It is often halved or quartered and can be used whole and cooked in curry sauce.


Whether you call them brinjals, aubergines or eggplants you should know that these delicious vegetables are underrated in the west. This is because the best-known recipe would involve stewing the fruit along with tomatoes and onions and if cooked for too long it may lose its appeal and become slushy and mushy.


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