Different Types of Dump Trucks

DumpTruck is a vehicle which is used at the construction sites so as to transport the construction materaisl to the site. Old type of semi trucks where separated manually and now the new type of dumptrucks area available which can easily performs the operations through hydraulic mechanisms. There are different types of dumptrucks are available and some area s listed as below:

Standard dump truck:

This is the most common type of regular dump truck where the vehicle has got a moving type f bed mounted on its frame. There is a one front and rear steering axle present. So this enables the truck to hold more weights irrespective of its power. Its wheelbase is very small and the overall body of the truck is small and that enables the drivers to operate and manipulate in a flexible and easily manner. This truck is mostly used one in the construction industries. Soft soils are not favorable for these dump trucks.

Articulated dump truck:

This is an excellent dump truck which can be sued on rough terrains. There is an enclosed cab between the trailer and the bed of this dump trunk. With the reduced road facility the articulated dump trucks show the excellent performance. This is a very large type of dump truck. It can be sued for waste handling purposes, for handling small and large types of materials, for quarrying as well as mining purposes.

Transfer dump truck:

This type of dump truck contains the separate part of trailer that contains a movable cargo container which makes it possible to carry additional types of construction aggregates compared to the standard dump truck. There is a hydraulic Ram incorporated in this type of truck. It has a good capacity to hold the loads. This is a unique type of truck that are with additional trailers to separate everything easily. This makes it easy to transfer the materials from the truck to the construction site and back.

Truck and pup:

Truck and pup dump truck is same as that of transfer dump truck where here it has got a dump trailer structure called as pup which the truck pulls. It has the hydraulic ram of its own and with a unloading capacity by its own. This type of dump truck is extensively used in fluid hauling tasks.

Superdump truck:

This has the same features as that of the standard dump truck but differs in a way there is a lift able trailing axle present. With this axle dump truck can able to carry a good amount of load also. The vehicle length is quite improved when compared to standard dump truck due to the presence of the trailer. The trailer movements can be adjusted due to its lifting capacity and due to this the driver can also easily maintain and operate the dump truck in an effective manner which makes it a dump truck super. This vehicle has got good productivity due to its extreme features.

Semi trailer end dump truck:

It is the simple and efficient dump truck used for carrying the materials in the construction sites. This dump truck has been used tremendously today. The semi trailer dump truck has got two axle trailers which has got hydraulic. They have an axle at the rear side of the truck. This type of dumptruck can be easily use for unloading purposes as it provides the faster way of doing it.

Semi trailer bottom dump truck:

This is able to pull 2 axle trailers with its great 3 axle tractor. It has got a dump gate in the center of it which is a shell type structure. This is an effectively used type of dumper in order to put the materials in the form of a wind row. This is the biggest advantage of using this dump truck. It has good configurations in the sense it is reversible.

Double and triple trailer bottom dump truck

These are the dump trucks which contains the tractor of 2 axles which can able to pull a semi trailer having semi axle. Apart from this it can also has an additional trailer. The drivers finds a great use with this kind of dump truck as they let the drivers to layoff the materials at the suitable place in the form of wind row and the driver do not have to even stop the dump truck or get down from it. Unlike the semi trailer bottom, dump truck this dump truck do not go in reverse. This is the demerit of this dump truck as considered.

Side dump truck:

This is an extensively use dump truck as it shows the faster ay of unloading the material’s. This dump truck is compatible with any kinds of materials and that it has got a very huge capacity in order to load the materials. It gets name “side dump” because in order to lay the materials, it will slide a bit to the ground so as to unload the materials straight away to ground in a good way. This is the well characteristic of this dump truck making it an efficient one. Compared to traditional dump trucks, side dump trucks may not carry much amount of load. It provides safety also. It has a got a great length and so it cannot be used always and are limited to the areas which has got required space available. The body of the side dump trucks slides to the ground because of the hydraulic rams it contains.

Off-road dump truck:

In the situations to should huge amount of loads to hauled, off road dump trucks come into use. It has got a very huge capacity and a bigger size enables them to work with off roads like terrains it is not suitable to be used on roads or any kinds of developed areas. It is heavy equipment and is perfect one to be used in mining purposes. It can easily dig on to the grounds and lay materials or aggregated to any other side.

Winter service vehicles:

This dump truck finds its use in winter roads where they can effectively lay salt on the tops of ice roads.


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