Cleanliness is very important thing which we all must follow. It would be very unhygienic if you are not properly handling the waste materials. The first and foremost step of cleanliness is to keep your surroundings clean. If it is at home make sure rooms, kitchens and bathrooms are clean and tidy. The use of dust bin is every essential in all places in keeping the surrounding looks neat. If it is an office, dustbins are necessary to be kept under each cubicle. If you are following the right path of cleanliness it can bring you and your loved ones harmful heath diseases too. So make sure to keep a dustbin all over the areas to maintain well. The bins are required for the household wastes, public wastes, and segregating the wastes is really important and therefore choosing the type of bins to handle wastes are also important.

Uses of dustbins:

  • Dustbins are very useful that it can help in reducing the amount of waste in your environment.

  • It is a best w ay to segregate and keep the waste materials.

  • Dustbins are sources of protecting your environment and make sure that the areas around you should have a dustbin.

  • If any guests appear at your home they too get impressed by the dustbins kept.

  • The recycling of waste is possible with the dust bins

There are different types of wastes that gets generated and the bins used have different meanings too. There is a proper way for the waste disposal and there are different types of bins are used for these. Therefore it is important that you should be aware about the types of bins and its use

Rubbish bin (red lid) :

It is the bin which is used as a general garbage collector where you can dump the normal household waste. The purpose of this bin is that it is not a one to recycle. So always keep in mind that the plastic wastes, the paper wastes, the foils of aluminum, and if there is any glass wastes you can dump in this bin but make sure you have covered it with a paper. This is the bin where you can dump out the plastics and paper wastes and so make sure you put the household garbage’s in this bin by wrapping it properly.

Recycle Bin (Yellow Lid):

It is the bin which is mainly act as recycling one. The important thing to note is never to drop any plastics inside this bin. You can dump the glass bottles and other glass equipments like jars in to this. You can also put the paper wastes like the newspapers, card board box wastes etc. The plastic bottles or containers where you store milk, Juices and yogurts can also dump into this recycle bin. All the bins and cans that you buy out from outside like soft drinks cans can be emptied here. You can also dump out the food packets which you buy from outside, the kitchen tissue rolls or the bathroom tissues can also be emptied. In order to consume space, it would be better if you can squeeze out the plastic bottles while you dump into it.

Organic Green bins:

This bin with green color may give you an idea about the sort of waste to be dumped right? Yes, the green lid bin is mainly used to dump out the food wastes and the wastes that are from the garden. While dumping the food wastes into it, you can just wrap the food scraps in a paper and then dump it. Those things which are compostable including the nappies as well as bags can also be emptied into this. The garden wastes including the leaves, the weeds, the small grass cuttings, soil kinds of wastes, the cut flowers can be easily dumped into this bin. The food and garden wastes can also be easily wrapped in a tissue or a paper before you dump into this.

Public place bins:

It is a great way of making the public places clean by allowing people to put out the wastes in this bin. It is a fundamental thing that is required at every public places. This can help people to dump out all sorts of garbage’s into this bin and thereby keeping the location neat. The size of the public bins depends on the area of the place. If it is a huge area then the bin should be placed of a big one else short bins would be the choice. This ins can be seen on the playgrounds too where the kids play around and thereby they can keep up the cleanliness of their play area in a good way.

Curbside dustbins:

This is actually required to collect the household wastes that are generated from the curb side. This would be mainly of the wastes that come from urban areas and these wastes will be collected together and dumped out. These would also come as the wastes collected from the offices. The classic types of curbside bins are of blue color lids.

Bins in public areas:

The bins at the public areas are commonly found to reduce the wastes at public. The more chances of wastes at public are seen more on the shopping destinations, beach side, walkways where people walks at evenings and mornings, streets, the party malls and more. So here are the more bins to be placed areas as there are lots of chances in generating huge wastes. There are automated bins which are kept as public bins so that if it becomes fully loaded it automatically do the process of waste collection without the intervention of regular workers. The outdoor wastes can be easily handled with these types of public bins. This is essential at the areas where the crowds are more. Making the public areas clean are really essential and therefore the relevant part is to keep up a bin that are able to handle up the public wastes in an efficient manner.


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