Different Types of Dyslexia

There are people who have disease like reading disorders. This can be caused due to genetically and other factors. Students are mainly seen with this disorder at their schools. This happens like people are facing difficult with spellings, pronunciations, reading quickly etc. They may not able to read out fluently even face in writing. This is a disability which is most commonly seen today among children. There are different types of dyslexia which are given as below:

Primary Dyslexia:

This is the type of dyslexia which is commonly found and is genetic one. With this disorder, people face many problems especially difficulty in identifying the letters and numbers. They may also face challenges with reading, writing etc. They perform everything with left. Right brain students are commonly found with this form of dyslexia.

Secondary Dyslexia:

This type of dyslexia is often referred to as developmental dyslexia. With this, people find difficulty with spelling as well as in recognizing words. This type of problem is caused due to the brain development issues. If the students are given proper instructions and treatment they can be from these dyslexia after some age else the condition can be worse.

Trauma Dyslexia:

This type of dyslexia is also referred to as acquired dyslexia. It is seen very rare. This is not a kind of disorder getting inherited from ancestors. This is mainly caused due to the injury in brain or due to any issues which cause affects brain in causing improper functioning of it. The symptoms for this type of dyslexia arises causing hearing problems due to the flu, heavy cold or any sort of infection sin ear especially for children. With this disorder, children may find difficulty in hearing sounds, spellings and reading issues. There are many kinds of activities and programs have been launched for the people with these disorders.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome:

This is cause din pregnancy time when the pregnant woman consumes alcohol. This alcohol enters to fetus through placenta and may cause problems like hearing issues, communication issues, vision problems and more. The babies would have these disorders namely fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. The woman should avoid the alcohol consumption during pregnancy time in order to escape from these problems and disorders.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder:

This is the disease when people find difficulty to pay attention and would be hyperactive all the time without being constantly active. This is caused due to improper functioning of brain. The main factor constitutes to this disease are habit of smoking, drug use and alcohol consumption at the pregnancy time, injuries with brain, less birth weight etc. People with disorder would be overactive and does the things without thinking about it. They also face issues in concentrating to something. The symptoms of these disorders are seen from childhood onwards. It may show some changes at the age improve.

Phonological Dyslexia:

This is the form of dyslexia when kids face problems with sounding of words. This type of dyslexia is also known dysphonetic dyslexia. This is the common form of dyslexia where a person finds difficulty with sounding words. This is the disorder caused due to brain activity. Sound description, rhyming, phoneme isolation, blending sounds, mixing up similar sounds, syllable division are the problems faced by people due to this disorder. These people may think about the right words to speak but would find difficulty in expressing it in the right way

Surface Dyslexia:

This is a reading disorder and this may cause due to any high accident accidents or any serious kind of illness like meningitis, infections and other. In this form of dyslexia kids find difficulty in remembering the words by sight. The words they sound will not be pronounced as they spell it. Face problems with recognizing words by sight. This type of dyslexia is also known as visual dyslexia.

Auditory Dyslexia:

This is the reading problem where kids face difficulty with sounding of letters and words and grouping the letters etc. This is basically the disorder based on auditory processing. They are also called as audio dyslexia. Single words pronunciations are more found with this dyslexia.

Visual Dyslexia:

This is the form of surface dyslexia where the kids cannot remember of even recognize the words by sight. Brain cannot store or difficult in keeping the correct sequence of words as by sight. This is the dyslexia where kids find difficult while visualizing the words.

Attentional Dyslexia:

This is a type of reading disorder which is found in common today. Kids find in difficulty with words by switching of letters from one words to another like some of the letters from one words gets replaced with other letter of next word.

Deep Dyslexia:

This form of dyslexia caused due to the left brain problems which occurs mainly due to stroke and not due to any genetic hereditary reasons. With this kids find difficulty in reading out the words as they lose the capacity in reading due to the problem n brain.

Developmental Dyslexia:

This type of dyslexia caused as hereditary one more based on brain. This is due to the issues with brain development that effects the babies in womb due to the deficiency of nutrients. This is also known as the secondary dyslexia.

Directional Dyslexia:

This is a disorder in which kids face problems with direction of letters like p and b. This is a very often kind of dyslexia. Because of the confusions with the letters direction this makes kid difficult to read out the words.

Math Dyslexia (dyscalculia):

This is a math related disorder, which affects the people in their different stages of life where they find difficulty with math problems. This may happen because people may not be good in math in their early stage and that let them find difficulty to cope up with math later when the advanced of math comes.


Dyspraxia is a disorder where children find in difficulty with physical movements. This is also known as development coordination disorder or even referred to as motor learning difficulty.


This is the problem find in children in writing the expressions. They find difficulty in writing the words and keeping it in a line.


This is the learning disorder in which children find with math where they cannot understand the math related concepts or find difficulty in learning it.


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