Different Types of Earthquakes

Earthquakes are the violent attacks seen on the earth surface. It si the sudden release of strong waves of energy t the earth. Erathquakes can bring about huge destructions. There ae numeors ways by which earthquakes occur to the world. There are also dieffernt type sofe arthquaes


This si a type of earthquakes that are small and normally occurs after the main shock has occurred. Within short duration after the amin shock , this earthquakes come sup to the same area. This can stand for certain days and weeks or evn extends upto months and years. Comapred to the amin shock thsiw oudl be of the lower magnitude. The shake of erath intensity would eb low for the after shoc type sof earthquakes.

Blind thrust earthquake:

It sia type of earthquake which does not elav eout any sort of sigsn of earthquakes on earth and therefore it is considered as blind r the earthquake that gets buried under the earth escaping the vsiisbility. They are not much strong earthquake when compared to other types stills emtiems it can leave destruction to the earth.


Sometiems the earth surface may have cold temperature such that the it becomes saturated with water and the surface may get frozen deeply. Cryosiesm take splac ehere. Since it occurs due to the frozen part it is also referred to as ice quake as well as frost quake. This is like a natural phenomeneon which mainly appears at the montsh of cold weather. It amy result in freezing expansion and leave out the cracks an dscratche son tehe arth surface. In the wild conditions, the sort of vibrations can also eb felt.

Deep-focus earthquake:

They are also called as intra plate earthquackes, which mainly occurs at the oceanic regions when the pass around the continenetal paltes. When the two of the tectonic plates gets slided wthe ach other, deep focus earthquakes likely to happen. This slididng or collision between the paltes may be sometimes on great pressure that this type of earthquackes happen in larger magnitudes.

These would have great focal lengths and occur deeply.

Doublet earthquake:

It si a double form of earthquake which occurs similarly and in a small much tiem gap and the location. The first earthquake may be forme dina location on a particular tiema nd the second occurs after a tiem gap from first and alos wll be on another location hcih are of suiatbel distance from the first one. The maginitude of tehs econd earthquake would eb more compared to the first one. It sia rare type of earthquake which occurs once or twice in a year. The thing is that when tehs etype sof earthquakes occur, there would eb high potential of acusing huge disasters.

Earthquake swarm:

It is a type of earthquake which occurs ina particular area where there follows the sequence of earthquakes wthin a short duration of time. The intensity of the earthquake sthat occur in series as swarms amy variy like sometimes at the beginning it would eb ow and comes bit high in the middle an dends wth stronger intensity.


Before having a laregr earthquake or the main one which is referred to as main shock, there would eb small earthquakes felt and that si terme das the foreshock. It si not necessary that all the aminshocks would have a foreshock before it occurs. This would occur in the same area where the mainshock is about to happen. This would come as single or even as agroup of earthquakes.

Harmonic tremor:

This sia type of earthquake which si realted to volcanic eruptions and this can occur in a continous manner. Seismographs can very well detect this type of earthquakes. Harmonic tremor in the sense it occurs rhythmically

Induced seismicity:

This type of earthquake mainly occurs as a result of the activity made by human on earth crust by changing its patterns. This sia earthquake which occurs over lower magnitude.

Interplate earthquake:

It si the form of earthquake which occurs at the boundary of tectonic plates. This occurs when the palte boundaries would have the stronger strains and such that they try to retain their original position. It can bring about huge destructions and come wth larger magnitude. Tsumani’s are caused due to this type of earthquake.

Intraplate earthquake:

This si similar to interpolate as tehs eboth occur on paltes but intraplate differs in tehw ay that they likely ocuurs at the plate interiors. These type of earthquakes can eb devastating bringing about huge destrctiosn on the earth surface.

Megathrust earthquake:

It si a high magitud eearthquakes which occurs when one tectonic plates get collided or even monved under another forcefully. It sia earthquake that occurs in large scale.

Remotely triggered earthquakes:

It is a type of earthquake which occurs in the volcanic regions. After the large earthquake soccur n an area it likely results in remotely triggered earthquake stoa occur at a considerable distance away from it.

Slow earthquake:

As the anme depicts tehse rae the slower earthquakes. They are the starneg type of earthquake shwich do not occur on a continous mode. There would eb fluid flows come along with this earthquake.

Submarine earthquake:

These are the types of earthquakes which are seen occurring under the sea or oceans. This type ofe artqhuake lead to the tsunami. It amy occur due to the aftsera d heavier movement of water under the oceans.

Supershear earthquake:

When the sesmic waves do not flow ina uniform manner, there occurs the trouble elaidng to the supershear earthquakes. Here the waves would flwo excessively and cause a heavy earthquake.

Tsunami earthquake:

These are the type sof eratqhuakes which occurs underneath the sea floor. They bring about tehe sea floor deformations leading to tsunami. The stability of sea floors wll eb lost and causes massive attack.

Volcano tectonic earthquake:

They are the higly destructive type of earthquakes which bring about huge dstuctions. They are the volcanic type of earthquakes but are smaller than the non volcanic ones.


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