Different Types of FAN GIRLS

Who is a fan girl? Are you a fan girl?

A fan girl is a typical female who might be obsessed or really interested in a type of social life, for example, love of movies, love of comics, love of music or even love of science fiction.

Fan girls are always misunderstood for little tiny and annoying individuals but are they?

Well, you never know whether you are a fan girl. Here is a list of different fan girls and where you might have never known you lie.


Banshee is an Irish word simply meaning fairy woman. According to the mythical beliefs of the Irish, the banshee was a female spirit who could tell the death or occurrence of a death through shrieking. A banshee mostly adorns in red or green and mostly acts as a hag.


Has anyone ever told you that you are a walking encyclopedia of weirdness?

This type of fan girl is bond to always do the most common social thing in the most bizarre and most uncommon ways.

I mean it is like she has a complete set of an encyclopaedia on how to behave weirdly, and she does her homework.


The creative crumpet fan girl is a witty fellow, almost compared to a genius. She is the complete package of designing and planning social misfits in the most creative ways.

She always comes up with creative and stylish figures to do with anything that arises from the table of the clique.

Have a creativity problem? The creative crumpet is your solution.


Here is the annoying fan girl. She seems the most innocent of them all but has a regular habit, she never forgets that it hurts you.

Be ready to be offended on the same issue for the entire summer in school for she always remembers and repeats her mistakes.


The recruiter fan girl has a keen eye on new talents for your clique. She will always bring someone new especially when school opens or after the weekend during your next meet at the salon or shopping center.

The recruiter will always endeavor to ensure the clique grows with a diverse collection of talents. She is most friendly and most active gang member.

Some common sayings are that a clique with a recruiter never grows old.


Now here is the most confusing fan girl. She does not show any nerd signs at all. In fact, she is so trendy on social happenings including cheerleading, yet when given a chance or when the environment is favorable she goes completely into a buzz of ‘nerdness’.

The closet nerd might also be the cleverest and a tactical genius. She is a master of social camouflage.


You might confuse her as a closet nerd. Why? The part-time fan is also a master of social camouflage, she will confuse you as a go-getter for your ideas and even completely sell herself as a die-hard fan yet she completely does not agree with the idea from time to time.


She has a hobby, she has an obsession. The hobby or obsession may completely be uncalled for yet she still has that crave for a particular product or toy. She will collect all the important relics of her fan or have almost all collection of a particular product. She is the collector.


She gets to know all the tidy betties of your life. Slow as a chameleon, a hunter like a savannah lioness. The subtle stalker knows how to pursue information current and non-current.

The subtle stalker dominates in news details and as most people say she is the future news anchor and journalist.


Here is the ‘political activist’, she keenly notices all the wrong doings happening to her and all people around her and it is always her to speak out all injustices observed. Never comes a day when she has not fulfilled her inborn duty and oh my! Doesn’t she know how to speak out all social misfits? She is the offended defender, defender of the oppressed.


Now here is the real talent. She is damn good with words, she is creative and original. The blogger is a writer; she is into social media and is obsessed with blogging all day long. The blogger has her own followers and she likes it.


The shipper is a strategist, commonly known as the mailer. She clears and forwards all types of good down to just mere information. Her hands are crafty and witty. Have a mail for your lover she will deliver it, have an undelivered assignment she will make sure it reaches the rest of the pile. The shipper is a performer and she will never fail you.


There is no one as loyal as the obsessor, when she loves then she loves for real. She knows nothing less than constantly doing what she loves, having what she loves and being with what or who she loveth.


Here is yet another talent. She is a Mindy figure and very good at art, noticing it and designing it. The artist girl is generally clever and adds an arty feeling to whatever she touches or talks about.


The abuser knows nothing less than to overstep in all ways or opportunities presented. She is the bully, she is the risk taker and she is the one that might be leading when it comes to the clique.


Is she a child? Well, she might not even be under 20. Here is an emotional bubble always ready to burst even at the slightest provoke of a Manhattan breeze. The crier is just too emotional and needs constant loving and caring.


They are the founder members, the ‘godfathers’ and the ‘ancestors’. The originals are the hustlers and the wisest. No new idea or concept shall arise that they have never thought of or engaged in. They are the originals.


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