7 Different Types of Magma

different magma types

Everyone remembers the popular science experiment with vinegar and baking soda. In fact, for most of us, it was presented as an artificial volcano. Volcanoes are vents that lead beneath the crust of the planet, allowing pressure and molten rock to escape onto the surface in the form of lava. Something you might not have … Read more

11 Different Types of Geodes

types of geodes

With a name that literally means “earthlike”, geodes are a thing of both beauty and wonder. Some believe they have magical properties while others merely love gazing at these marvels of Mother Nature. But geodes are far more complex than you might first think. In fact, there are three ways geodes can form, as well … Read more

13 Different Types of Terrain

types of terrain

The world is a big place, and a lot more varied than we sometimes give it credit for. There are rivers in the oceans and seas without any water. As the fractured crust moves along on its tectonic plates, the terrain changes and landmasses are formed or disappear. The term “terrain” can apply to both … Read more

13 Different Types of Crabs

Japanese spider crab

Shellfish are some of the most fascinating and varied sea creatures out there, although few people think of them outside of a food source. But crabs, much like their cousins the lobsters, are surprisingly diverse. Don’t believe us? Here are 13 different types of crab (out of more than 4,500 species) to prove our point. … Read more

17 Different Types of Ivy

types of ivy

When it comes to attractive (or annoying) climbing vines, you’ve probably been itching to learn about ivy, a popular choice for adding greenery to walls, fences, and other structures (whether you want it to or not). But there’s actually a lot more to ivy than meets the eye. For example, did you know that all … Read more

23 Different Types of Cactus

types of cactus

Cacti are a type of succulent plant, meaning they store water in their leaves or stems. They’re best known for being prickly, fast, and having a 1,000 needles attack if they get mad at you. But more importantly, they make for some great, sun-loving (usually) houseplants and are incredibly easy to care for. Not to … Read more

18 Different Types of Forklifts

types of forklift

Forklifts are one of those vehicles every kid seems to love. From the old days of Tonka to modern LEGO City sets, forklifts are everywhere. But what you see is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more than 100 types of forklift out there, some of which look nothing like the iconic images … Read more

21 Different Types of Horse Saddles

types of saddles

When people first began riding horses, they quickly discovered that having a spine between your legs isn’t very comfortable. Blankets seemed to help a little, but these still posed a problem when it came to centering the rider’s weight. Then, around 200 BC, some horse enthusiasts in Asia developed the first saddle tree. The Samaritans … Read more

7 Different Types of Reiki

types of reiki

When someone mentions the word reiki to you, you either picture a type of massage or someone playing in a little zen sand garden. But there’s a lot more to this word than meets the eye. In fact, the notion that it’s an ancient art form is itself incorrect. The word 霊気 is made of … Read more

13 Different Types of Sunglasses

types of sunglasses

Whether you wear your sunglasses at night or reserve their use for the noonday sun, there’s no denying the usefulness of a nice pair of shades. These days, you can purchase them in all shapes and sizes, including ones that simply clip onto your regular glasses. But what you may not be aware of is … Read more