19 Different Types of Dolls

There are many different types of dolls that have been used for centuries as toys for kids, collectibles, or even magic rituals. Dolls can be made of fabric, clay, wood, and other materials. Here are some of the most popular types.

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Types of Dolls

1. Matryoshka Doll


A matryoshka doll is also known as Russian nesting or Stacking doll which is made of wooden arranged in decreasing orders and the dolls are done with an artistic painting. These decorated dolls are recognized throughout many countries and these are nested with two halves and can be pulled apart.

2. Bisque Doll


Bisque dolls first appeared in France during 1850 with a matte finish and were considered very trendy. They are also known as the Blonde Bisque with a natural clay deposit and are produced with a light shade of molded hair. These dolls feature realistic skin with a matte finish.

3. Reborn Doll


The reborn doll is manufactured skin doll which resembles a human infant which is transformed by an artist. Because of the process, these dolls are known as reborners. Vinyl and silicon are used as material in which silicon is more lifelike but more expensive.

4. China Doll


The China doll was very popular in Germany between 1840 and 1890 but also in Poland, France, Denmark, and Sweden. The word china doll comes from the name because of the material as it is made from partially or whole of glazed porcelain. The doll is made with molded hair and body is covered by either of cloth or leather.

5. Hopi Kachina Doll


The Hopi Kachina doll is a carved painted doll made by Native Americans (Hopi) in Arizona. It is also known as a Kachina doll which is carved from the cottonwood root. These dolls are presented to kids as gifts and dressed like costumes of Hopi spirit.

6. Paper Doll


A paper doll is a two dimensional figure which is made of either paper or light cardboard in shapes of people, objects, or animals. The dolls are decorated by providing costumes made from the paper by adding extra features to it. It is also used along with leather puppets and known as the Bali and these types are made in France in the 18th century.

7. Action Figure


Action figures are small figures based on characters from television, comic books, and cartoons. They are designed in an attractive way with various colors and patterns. Action figures are usually made out of plastic and have the capability of moving their head, arms, and legs to provide a realistic feel.

8. Puppet


The puppet is designed in the form of humans, animals, or various mythical figures. They are controlled by movement through various strings and rods which are attached to different parts. Used in shows and performances that date back over 6000 years ago, the person who manipulates the puppet is called as puppeteer.


9. Ball Jointed Doll


A ball jointed doll is an articulated doll which is interconnected via ball and socket joints. It’s most often made out of polyurethane synthetic resins and hard plastics. The oldest doll originated in ancient Greece and was made of clay and wood with the body parts connected by wire. The first Asian doll was made by Japanese known as the super dollfie.

10. Paddle Doll


Paddle dolls are found in ancient Egyptian tombs mainly in the middle kingdom in the form of female figurines. The doll is made of wood and its hair is composed of coiled linen fibers using string.

11. African Doll


The African doll was created for different purposes depending upon the region. They were used in rituals, as charms, toys, gifts during courting, and even to insure fertility.

12. Corn Husk Doll


Corn husk dolls were originally made by Native Americans at the beginning of corn agriculture. These dolls are made of dried leaves or with corn husks and even sometimes made without clothing. They have arms, legs, and a head but no face.

13. Apple Doll


Apple dolls are made in North American cultures where the head is made from dried apples which are carved with the facial features. These dolls feature a shrunken head and the entire body is covered up by wire frame.

14. Peg Wooden Doll

A peg wooden doll is a type of doll originated from the Netherlands and Germany and is also known as a Dutch doll. The wooden doll is actually a set of nine hand-painted pieces with arms and legs locked together. They can be made to perform wince when one part is moved, it makes the others move as well.

15. Parian Doll

A parian doll is also known as the Dresden doll which was manufactured in Germany around 1860 to 1880. The parian doll is similar to a china doll in which the body is made of fabric and the head is made from white porcelain. The doll has a matte unglazed finish along with a molded blond hair.

16. Rag Doll

A rag doll is a traditional homemade cloth figure and used as a child’s toy. The doll is often made in the form of a cat with large semi-long hair. These types of dolls were very popular during “Little House on the Prairie” times.

17. Troll Doll

A troll doll is a plastic type doll known as the Dam doll which was created by a Danish woodcutter and originated in 1959. The doll features combed hair made with Icelandic wool.

18. Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are found everywhere. They are made with super soft fur in all sorts of different colors and shades and are a favorite of kids and adults (and pets). The teddy bear was actually named after president Theodore Roosevelt.

19. Bobblehead Doll

A bobblehead doll is also known as the nodder or wobbler which has an oversized head compared to the body. Various materials are used for making this toy and the most common one is resin and plastic.

The head is connected to the body via a spring so when moved, it makes it look like it’s bobbing its head. They are a popular giveaway item at baseball parks around the country.

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