7 Different Types of Reiki

types of reiki

When someone mentions the word reiki to you, you either picture a type of massage or someone playing in a little zen sand garden. But there’s a lot more to this word than meets the eye. In fact, the notion that it’s an ancient art form is itself incorrect. The word 霊気 is made of … Read more

27 Different Types of Makeup

types of makeup

There are a lot of reasons why people, especially women, wear makeup on their everyday lives. They use it to hide the ‘flaws’ on their faces (wrinkles, acne, eczema, etc.) that cause them insecurities, and to enhance their best features. Some apply it to look younger, or older, of course depending on their age. Many … Read more

19 Different Types of Beards

different types of beards

A beard is the collective growth of hair occurring in a man’s lower face particularly on the chin and lower cheeks. Only adult men and some pubescent men can grow beards. Beards are known to have significant meaning to men depending on their religion, tradition and cultural beliefs. In older generations, beards are essential to … Read more