19 Types of Shawls and Wraps

types of shawls wraps

There is a wide variety of coverings that have been invented over the years, and the differences can be quite confusing for the average person. Today, we’re going to be looking at two of the most popular: shawls and wraps. A shawl is a large piece of clothing that’s most commonly square or rectangular (although … Read more

13 Different Types of Robes

types of robes

When we think of various types of clothing today, the words we use have very different meanings than they originally carried. For example, “dress” was originally a word for (very) long tunics tied at the waist by a belt that were unisex. “Skirt” originally meant “shirt” and seems to have become associated with kilts (again, … Read more

17 Different Types of Barbed Wire

types of barbed wire

Commonly associated with war and prisons, barbed wire is a type of barrier that injures anyone or anything trying to go through it. Sometimes referred to as barb wire (although nobody named Barb was ever associated with it), the origin of this nifty innovation has been lost to time, although the first widely available barbed … Read more

12 Different Types of Watch Bezels

types of watch bezels

There is a popular joke where one person is telling another about his new watch. “It does everything!” he says, explaining how it can give you the weather, your altitude, the date, current humidity, and all sorts of other details. The second person listens and finally says “That sounds really nice. By the  way, what … Read more

23 Different Types of Bowls

types of bowls

Bowls are some of the oldest items made by mankind. Today, they can be found in a vast array of materials and shapes designed for specific functions. Here’s just a few of those options. See Also: 11 Different Kinds of Forks Types of Bowls 1. Bamboo Bowl Bamboo has been used for centuries throughout the … Read more

13 Different Types of Urinals

types of urinals

Ever since the Roman emperor Commodus found immortality by inventing indoor plumbing, people have either been fascinated or horrified by toilets. While this list is about bathrooms, it’s not actually about the toilet. Instead, we’re going to be looking at their cousin, the urinal. These liquid waste receptacles are most often found in men’s restrooms, … Read more

17 Different Types of Hammocks

types of hammocks

When someone mentions the word hammock, there are three immediate associations: tropical island castaways, convenience, or slapstick gags with people falling out of one. Of course, hammocks are much more than these things, and they have a history to prove it. Nobody knows who invented the hammock or just how old it is, but it … Read more

11 Different Types of Mirrors

types of mirrors

Mirrors have fascinated humans from the very beginning. The idea that you can see yourself feels almost magical. But then humanity began to see even greater potential in mirrors, as well as finding them to be a source of fear. For example: In many cultures it’s believed that a mirror placed on an outside wall … Read more

11 Different Types of Ponchos

types of ponchos

Ponchos are an ancient form of clothing originating in the Andes, although precisely where in this vast region the term “poncho” originated is anyone’s guess. The most basic poncho was made of woven alpaca fur and consisted of one or two blanket-shaped pieces of fabric that had a hole cut in it for the head, … Read more

15 Different Types of Yo-Yos

types of yo-yos

Found within the halls of the toy museum are many items which we might not consider to be toys. Among the greatest toys in history is the cardboard box, which is meant for transporting and storing goods. There’s also the baseball bat, which exists to fend off zombies when your chainsaw’s out of fuel. But … Read more