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Different types of energy

Let us talk about energy. Energy is the ability to do work. When a system or a series of systems combined use force to push or pull then that is what we call energy. One thing we need ... Continue Reading →

Different Types of mathematical equations

Let us now get into mathematics. Who would have ever thought that alphabets would still find themselves in mathematical formulas and functions? An equation is simply defined as equality ... Continue Reading →

Different types of epilepsy that occur in man

Epilepsy is not in any way a singular noun, it is used to refer to a group of neurological disorders that are majorly characterized by epileptic seizures caused by excessive and abnormal ... Continue Reading →

Different types of Epics

What is an epic? Epic literary just means a word, speech or a song. An epic will mean a long story written about an infamous person with regards to heroism or a heroic act. One does ... Continue Reading →

Different Types of Followers

Followers might be the oldest kind of people to have ever walked on earth even when they might have been in different branded names. We have had the slaves in Egypt following Pharaoh, ... Continue Reading →

Different Types of FAN GIRLS

Who is a fan girl? Are you a fan girl? A fan girl is a typical female who might be obsessed or really interested in a type of social life, for example, love of movies, love of comics, ... Continue Reading →

Different Types of Extraction

Extraction is the process of separation whereby one substance is gotten out of a mixture. It is a chemical process and takes place in a series of steps with accordance to the extracts ... Continue Reading →

Different Types of Estrogen

Estrogen also goes by the name eostrogen. It is found in both the males and the females. In females, estrogen is the major sex hormone responsible for the development of the female ... Continue Reading →


An economic resource mainly refers to the services or as goods which are used by the individuals in order to produce valuable consumer goods or products. With these inputs we are able ... Continue Reading →


Cleanliness is very important thing which we all must follow. It would be very unhygienic if you are not properly handling the waste materials. The first and foremost step of cleanliness ... Continue Reading →