4 Different Types of Anxiety

Anxiety is a hotchpotch of fear and worry.  A person contemplates in a mean way and starts believing the same for him.

He is expecting (unconsciously) from others that if he does something, for instance, dancing or delivering a public speech, people are going to disparage him. Lack of confidence also prompts anxiety in one’s life which restraints man from doing nothing for him.

Thinking excessively about something is one of the main reasons that causes someone to be involved in the problem of anxiety. It can be based upon daily life tensions or worries such as household expenses, fulfilling basic necessities of life, school fees of children, divorce, electricity bills, gas bills, utility bills, etc.

Anxiety can also take place in one’s life when something wrong or traumatic has happened in past and its consequences are still sustained and it is very difficult for person to forget and detach from particular incident. For example, a girl is victim of rape or a boy is victim of child-abuse.

There are also some people who cannot handle detachment of any member of family, a lifelong friend, a beloved one, or spouse. People hardly overcome their fear and anxiety of losing someone very special in life and restrict themselves upon a point or thought and waste their entire life for that specific person.

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Different Types of Anxiety

1. Generalize Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Everyone has experienced anxiety once in his or her life. For supposed anxiety for examination, anxiety for a job or anxiety for an interview is commonly occurred in one’s life.

In General Anxiety Disorder, a person is worried and anxious for different purposes at the same time. Anxiety for examination or anxiety of a job is a temporary form of anxiety and can be overcome with the passage of time. But generalize anxiety disorder lingers unless a proper effort has been taken for it to eradicate this kind of anxiety.

The main causes of GAD are over activity of the brain, having a history of drug abuse, and genes inherited from parents. For example, if there is a history of breast cancer in her family, a woman may naturally have a fear that she will get it too. A non-smoker may fear they will get lung cancer because both of his parents had it.

The over activity in the area of brain propels a person to think incessantly and excessively for more than one purpose at the same time. For instance, if one purpose accomplishes, the brain starts worrying for others without taking any rest. A person, affected by generalize anxiety disorder, always keeps his mind run with realistic as well as unrealistic thoughts and sleep becomes alien to him.

Person with the history of drugs, indulges easily in the problem of generalize anxiety disorder. Drugs make man lackluster and anxious about doing nothing for him.
Sometimes, GAD is inherited from their parents to a newly-born child. It happens when a distressful or dreadful accident faced by a mother during her pregnancy.

2. Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is another form of anxiety which is commonly available in teenagers. For some people it gets better and others carry this problem of anxiety along with their passing time.

In Social Anxiety, people become bound and introvert on day-to-day basis. They find very difficult to talk with strangers and covey their feelings with anyone else. They usually assume that people are going to make fun of them. Most of time, they remain silent in front of large number of people and speak a bit when it is too necessary.


Not only this, some people feel shy talking with shopkeepers while shopping and ask others to talk on their behalf. It may be, because of they had weird experience in past.

Upon very wee things, people get to feel offended. That is why they try to avoid people as well as things that hurt them. They want to remain in their own space created by them due to fear and anxiety.

Most of social anxiety affected people avoid gatherings; either of public meeting or private party of their relatives. They do not like to face people who disparage them and say something bad with great ease.

School and college students are the best examples to describe the social anxiety. Students avoid performing extra curriculums and delivering morning speeches because they do not want to face criticism. Anxiety and fear restrains them to showcase their talent in front of others.

Even some of professionals, who have worked more than a decade, hesitate to deliver a presentation on the behalf of their organizations.  Anxiety does not leave with passing time but you have to work upon it properly.

3. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

is an anxiety disorder caused by very stressful, frightening or distressful event. In this type of anxiety a person has already had a dreadful experience like Domestic Violence, Terrorism, Sexual Assault, Rape, and Child Abuse, etc. These are considered to be the causes to ripe Post Traumatic Stress Order in humans.

  • Domestic Violence: Fight between parents or use of abusing language at homes can be cause for a child to get affected by Post Traumatic Stress Order.
  • Child Abuse: Nowadays, Child abusing is very common in under developed society which causes children patient of either Post Traumatic Stress Order or Sexual Phobia. In this case, with the growth of a child, anxiety and fear become stronger.
  • Rape: Either in East or West, rape takes place and gauged in same numbers, sadly. Victims of rape hardly survive from its past and very easily involved in the disease of Post Traumatic Stress Order for their almost entire life.
  • Road Accident: Dreadful road accident can be the cause of Post Traumatic Stress Order.

4. Phobia

Phobia is an extreme level of anxiety. It develops when a person think unrealistically and live his life accordingly.

When a phobia becomes severe, a person may organize his life avoiding things which causes him anxiety. It also restricts his day to day life which results as distress and worry.

Main causes of Phobia are almost same as Generalize Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Order and Social Anxiety. A Phobia may be associated with a particular incident, trauma, genetics may also play important role, and over activity in areas of brain.

The following common examples of Phobia are:

  • Animal Phobia: Dogs, Cats, Snakes, etc.
  • Environmental Phobia: Heights, Flooding, Earthquakes, Trees etc.
  • Bodily Phobia: Germs, Blood, Vomit, etc.
  • Situational Phobia: Flying, Underground, on Stage, etc.

Anxiety in terms of Generalize Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Social Anxiety, or Phobia is to be deemed as hazardous problem for human beings, nowadays.

With the passage of time, it would become more severe. Whenever a person acknowledges any of above-mentioned anxiety, either he should take strong efforts against it himself or he must consult a doctor as soon as possible.

If you lack to take steps against anxiety, it shall linger for rest of your life!

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